Zodiac sign gemini


Dates:May 21 - Jun 20

Ruling planet:Mercury


Symbol:The Twins

Colors:Light green, Yellow


Mantra:I Think


Tarrot card:The Lovers

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, represented by The Twins. Individuals born under this sign, between May 21 and June 20, are known for their versatility and adaptability. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis are natural-born communicators and intellectuals.

The symbol of The Twins reflects the dual nature of Gemini individuals. They possess a multifaceted personality and can easily switch between different perspectives. Geminis are curious, quick-witted, and love to explore various ideas and concepts. Their minds are constantly buzzing with thoughts and information.

As an Air sign, Geminis value intellectual stimulation and engaging conversations. They are social butterflies, thriving in environments that allow them to interact with a diverse range of people. Geminis have a natural ability to connect with others and are often the life of the party.

Agate is the gemstone associated with Gemini, symbolizing balance and harmony. Geminis are known for their ability to see both sides of a situation, making them skilled mediators and problem solvers.

In the tarot, Geminis are linked to The Lovers card, emphasizing choices, relationships, and the need for balance. The Third House, representing communication, learning, and short journeys, is the domain of Gemini.

Overall, Geminis bring a vibrant and dynamic energy to any situation, always ready to embrace new experiences and share their wealth of knowledge with those around them.

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